Did You Ever “Finish” When You Weren’t Done? A Revision

After looking at my earlier birthday card for London’s mom, I realized there wasn’t enough  “London”!

I hope I fixed it through a “London” addition with her birthday hat riding on top of the double decker bus next to the birthday cake.

“London” is from the Once Upon a Princess cartridge and is cut at 5.4″ tall and is wearing the “outfit” cut.  I resized her hat (chick layer) to make it a little jauntier.

The double decker bus is still a key element but is no longer the “star.”  I am glad to have the Cricut Craft Room in my box of tools though – it would not have been as “London-y” using a school bus.  Here is a picture that compares the “straight out the cartridge” Nate’s ABCs cut to welded bus.

London Calling – A Cricut Craft Room Birthday Card

This is a birthday card for London’s mom.

When I went to make this card, I could only locate Big Ben (featured on the left from the Destinations cartridge) in my collection.  But the iconic image of London, that red double decker bus, was not available.

As a result, I experimented with the school bus on Nate’s ABCs – and managed to turn the school bus into a double decker bus through welding some basic shapes in the Cricut Craft Room (and some from Nate’s ABCs).  The steps at the rear of the bus and the pole were hand cut and the hub caps are a Crop-A-Dile punch just to make life a little easier.  However, all the rest of the bus was cut courtesy of my E2, Nate’s ABCs, and the Cricut Craft Room.

Once I finished with the bus, I decided to add some background silhouette scenery and once again used Cricut Craft Room to build St Paul and Admiral Nelson’s Column from Trafalgar Square from the same cartridges as the bus.

The birthday cake is from Birthday Bash (minus a cat) and the pennants all came from a digital cartridge – Party Picks and Pennants.

The pennant, with a PTI sentiment, topping the cake is flying from a cocktail straw attached to the back of the cake.   I inserted a corsage pin inside the straw in order to provide a little glitz at the top of the pennant.

It’s a substantial card – good thing I don’t have to mail it.

Tow Truck Birthday

A quick project for a friend – somehow I am the designated card maker for her office staff.

Using the tow truck from Nate’s ABC’s, the cake from Birthday Bash, and the sentiment from Birthday Bash, I styled a little card for her practical (engineer) boss.

My favorite part is that the “hook” was able to “lift” the cake via the “flame” from the candle.

I love the textures and the colors which evoke fall without a leaf or acorn (not that I don’t like them) but this is a birthday card….with a tow truck….and a cake.