Use Cricut Craft Room to Make Drapes for Your Paper Project Windows

The following snapshots illustrate how you can use Cricut Craft Room (for free) to make drapes for your paper window projects. If you are new to the Cricut Craft Room, here is a link to some video tutorials which are really beneficial.

For the purpose of this little drape tutorial, I am using a window frame from the French Manor Cartridge.  Even if you don’t own French Manor, you can use it for “sizing.”  The window frame is Window-s and I have welded two together in order to have a longer window.

I am using three mat layers in CCR – the red window frame, the light blue comma “,” from CCR Basics (once again – it’s free) and the dark blue “l”.  In all of the steps, size using the little arrows that appear when you click on an image.  It is easier to make the drapes with the “fill mode enabled” box checked under the “Options” tab.

Step 1 –  Add your window frame to the first layer (note you can also use a rectangle from CCR Basic to create a window).  This is the red layer on my project.  Add a “comma” from the CCR Basics (when asks if you want to use the current selected layer or add new, select add new)  and since it is in a separate layer, the “comma” will not weld to the frame.  The “comma” is the light blue layer.

Step 2 –  Place the “comma” over the corner of the window frame.  Adjust the height of width of the “comma” so the drape of the curtain suits you.  The photo shows three “comma” placements so you can see how you can adjust the curve of the drape.

Step 3 – Add an “l” from CCR Basics and adjust the height and width until you are satisfied.  This is the dark blue layer.

Step 4 – First, hide the window layer (click the “eye”  next to the layer name).  Using the click and drag, select the “comma” and “l” and “group” them together.  The “Group” button is along the top of your CCR program.  Both layers should be dark blue if you have successfully grouped.  Copy and paste the grouped “drape”.  Using the “Flip Horizontal” button, flip the drape on the right so you have a left and a right drape.  You could weld the two shapes together but I prefer to keep them separate as they look better as two distinct cuts.

The image on the left is grouped

Step 5 – Check your drapes by going to the window frame layer and clicking the “eye”.  The frame will show with the drapes.    If you are happy, cut away.  If not, adjust the drapes or the window frame.

Step 6 – After cutting, use a marker or pencil to add shadows for the fold of the drape.  You could easily add tie backs from paper or ribbon or using a marker.

MBA Graduation Card – My Entry in the Cricut Circle Challenge

Although there is time left on the clock, this is likely my final entry in the Cricut Circle National Scrapbook Day Challenges that began last week.  It has been such a terrific experience; just what you would want in the Circle – inspiration, techniques, and enthusiasm.

This was a recipe challenge and required a bird, bug, or butterfly, three patterned papers, the color yellow, and hand or machine or faux stitching.

I made a graduation card for a friend who has just earned her MBA while working a very demanding full-time job.  Now that she has her weekends back, maybe she’ll try a crafty adventure or two.

I used the Happy Graduation seasonal cartridge for the owl and the seal (with ribbon), and Cricut Craft Room Basics for the tiny rolled flower alongside her cap.  I even sewed the layers of the card – got to remember to change out the needle before I sew again.


It’s been a terrific week – I added a new-to-me kitty to my furry family, was selected as a winner in the Cricut Circle card challenge to welcome the new Provo Craft CEO Ashish Arora, and I won a “prize” from Sizzix for my photo of my dog and my Sizzix Vagabond hooping it up in the Where in the World is Your Vagabond entry.

What a great week!  Hope yours was as well.

The Circle’s Cricut Craft Room Challenge – Graduation Card for Nephew

It’s the graduation season here so I  am combining the need for cards with some Cricut Circle Challenges that are less constrained by time.  This card is for my nephew who graduates in a few weeks with a bachelor’s degree in biology

This challenge was to exclusively use Cricut Craft Room (CCR)  digital cartridges (with at least 3 image cuts).   I used the Cricut Craft Room Basics (included with the free CCR program),  Chemistry Icons, and Party Picks and Pennants digital cartridges.   If you haven’t tried CCR yet, you should!

The pennants (flag7_s) were cut at 3.6 inches in height.  The  0.8 inch “U” and “R”,  the 0.5″ inch “o”, and 0.7 inch “f” are from Cricut Craft Room Basics.  The microscope was cut at 4.5 inches and the beaker at 2 inches. The beaker has the requisite dose of Diamond Glaze and of course, there is a good amount of Copic coloring on many of the elements.

I used my Spellbinders Label 22 for the sentiment labels.  In keeping the scientific theme, I printed the periodic table on a piece of white cardstock before cutting the background label.  Overall, the card measures 5.25 x 8.25 inches.

And for those of you who may still be on the fence regarding Papertrey Ink, I can’t recommend their cardstock strongly enough (it’s the black frame on this card) as it offers great stability.  This card will need to be mailed – but I am confident it will arrive in good condition if I use a Priority Mail envelope (after I wrap in it plastic to ensure any rain does not adversely affect it).

Merci – Another Cricut Circle 2 Hour Challenge

Better time management skills this time round for a sketch challenge (the first one I have tried).  Not being a layout type of person, I made a 5.5″ card.


This card used Create a Critter exclusively for the french poodle, “merci,” hearts, and little flowers.  Using Cricut Craft Room, it was really easy to get the scale right the first time.

Cricut Circle Challenge – A Welcome Card for the New Provo Craft CEO, Ashish Arora

I have completed my submission for the latest Cricut Circle Challenge.  Circle members were challenged to produce a card (that could fit in an 8.5 x 11 envelope) to welcome the new Provo Craft CEO to the Circle.  With a requirement for 5 Cricut cuts and 3 Cuttlebug embossing folders, entrants were encouraged to tell Ashish what we like best about the Circle.  For me  – there are 3 key elements:  techniques (Cindy Royal’s boxes, oh my), inspiration (Michele Kovack’s Copics and Inking, perfection defined), and enthusiasm (Shantaie Fowler’s “glitter without guilt” and vintage and fun attitude).

When I found myself thinking of the Circle, I found myself thinking of the Cheers theme song – making the way in the world today takes everything you got.  The front of the card illustrates that.

The central figure on the front of the card is from Paper Dolls Teen Scene.  I trimmed some of his hair (on the right side) in order to get that windswept look.  The umbrella is from the April Showers cartridge and was detached, folded, and reattached upside down in order to look as if the wind blew it inside out.  The clouds are from April Showers and are embossed.  So the subtotal heading to the interior of the card is five Cricut cuts (six if you count the glasses I made in the Cricut Craft Room) and one Cuttlebug embossing folder.

Inside, we have enthusiasm (although she isn’t labeled as Shantaie, I think you can see it), in the form of a pig-tailed cheerleader, two trees from April Showers (embossed), a “Sophisticated” door with a Circle logo, and pennants from Party Picks and Pennants.  Total count:  6 Cricut cuts (plus an additional 9 pennants) and one Cuttlebug embossing folder.

Next up, the Provo Craft CEO himself (from Cheerleading (thanks, Curt Jensen for standing in)).  His glasses were made via the Cricut Craft Room and the supporting cheerleaders (Techniques and Inspiration) are also from Cheerleading.  That’s Cindy on the left and Michele on the right. The “Circle” is from Cricut Every Day.   4 more Cricut cuts.  The welcome mat was printed and then trimmed and embossed.

This is an interactive card.  The pennant bunting holds the card open and then the recipient pulls (gently) on the ribbon to elevate Ashish, Cindy, and Michele.  I used a lot of Papertrey Ink cardstock to make this card sturdy and capable of meeting the challenge.

I say this at the end of almost every project, but I think this is one of my favorites!

If you’d like to make a pop-up slider card yourself, I found some great directions here at Scrappy Sticky Inky Mess.

A Lot of Color – But Not A Lot of Cricut

This card is for a friend who has been laid up with a broken ankle.  She creates amazing balloon decorations so I hope she will get a good laugh out of this card during her recovery.  And while I missed the deadline for submitting this card to a pink, yellow, and orange color challenge,  I am still tickled with this cheery card – orange being one of my favorite colors.

There is only a little Cricut (the “balloon” bunny head is from the Spring Holiday Seasonal cartridge).  I removed the eye and nose cuts on the bunny head using the Cricut Craft Room.  It has a lot of Diamond Glaze and Glossy Accents to give it more balloon-like dimension. The little triangle at the bottom of the balloon was hand cut.  To make the balloon look more like it is floating, the baker’s twine is tied to her foot and attached behind the balloon with a pop dot.  The remainder of the twine floats above the paper.

The couch and reclining reader are from a My Favorite Things stamp.  In my first attempt at paper piecing, I paper pieced the sofa and reader.  I hand cut her pink cast and outlined it with a Copic multiliner so it would look more like it was part of the original stamp.   The sentiment was printed.

If you’d like to make an easel card yourself, here is a great tutorial.

Cricut Meets Spamalot

And now for some completely different –

a castle of (hiding) taunting Frenchmen, a cow, and a knight of the Round Table – must be Spamalot and another 18th birthday card.

Wait, a cow?

Yes, it is a cow slider card – when not sliding, the cow lives in the castle.

Here are the details –

From Cricut Craft Room, the Fantasy cartridge supplied the castle (at 6″ tall) and the knight (at 5″ tall).

The castle uses lots of layers (some chipboard) with foam tape in order to stand out far enough from the card base for the cow to slide in and out.  Here is how the castle stacks up:

The knight has a few hand cut items (his sword is slightly narrower and his tunic was hand cut).  His armor mail was the first element on the cartridge.  All of the other pieces were layered on top.  I added a piece of dark blue behind his face before attaching and his mouth was the cutout left behind, colored, and glued in place.  He has a few “under layers” of thin chipboard as well.

The number “18” is from the Sophisticated cartridge.  As this is a card for a twin, the two similar elements are the “mail” and “lace” (on the Downton Abbey card) and the number  “18”.  I attached the numbers to the shield and gave them a nice dose of Diamond Glaze to resemble enameling.

The birthday cake is from Something to Celebrate is cut at 1.75″ tall.  The candles are from a Martha Stewart punch.

The cow is from Noah’s ABCs and is 2″ tall and she is able to spin and slide in and out of the castle.  Two pennies and a pop dot were used to make the sliding mechanism.

The castle section is a 7.5 inch square of chipboard and covered with the “Hopscotch” cloud print.  It is raised higher on the card in order to allow for the sliding mechanism.  The slide slot is a 1/2 inch in height.  I was able to place it at the right location and cut it using Cricut Craft Room from a piece of 7.5 inch square cardstock.   I also used Cricut Craft Room to cut the underlying chipboard structure.

The sentiment is from JustRite stamps and it is cut and embossed using a Spellbinders die.

At the end of the day – this is a very substantial card.  I am happy that I don’t need to mail it.  This recipient loves Spamalot and chocolate cake – think I managed to cover two favorites again.

Cricut Valentine’s Day Cake Topper – A Paper Decor Project for Your Cake

This is my “Love is in the Air” Valentine’s Cake Topper and it is a special project for today’s blog hop hosted by Paulette from Around the Block with Scrapalette.  All participants in the blog hop are sharing their Valentine’s Day and other love-ly projects and you may some find sweet blog candy while hopping along so make sure to see everyone.  Here is the whole lineup for today:

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You could personalize a cake topper to fit any occasion, and here are some helpful hints:

Use a tree (this one is from Paper Doll Dress Up) or other cut with a good solid base.  You need stability so your cake topper doesn’t waver in its duty.  And you need a cut with a fairly even cut across the bottom – if it doesn’t have it, you can always trim it.  This tree is cut at 8″ tall.  I used Cricut Craft Room to make the cut a little narrower in order to get two trees from one piece of 12″ paper.  The width of the tree is 7.2″.

After you cut your base image, wire your cut to attach pennants or letters later.  For the cake topper, I used floral wire for the top branches and trimmed a bamboo skewer to have a means of inserting the topper in the cake.  Note:  bamboo skewers are not inconsequential so make sure your cut is wide enough to account for the added circumference.  I used painters tape to hold my wires and skewer in place before adding the next layer on top.  I used three layers – two for heavier weight papers for the base and one decorative patterned paper.   After assembling the base layers, I simply pinched the tree inward around the skewer to get a little added dimension.

The owl is from Campin’ Critters and is 3″ tall.  Her spyglass has a Glossy Accents lens with a hand cut heart.   The word LOVE is from the Cricut Craft Room Basics.  You may have noticed there were three wires in the construction photo, I simply trimmed the unused wire but I have learned it is better to have it and trim it than not have it when you need it.

Here’s a close up of the owl with her spyglass.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and have visions of cake toppers dancing in your head now.  For those so inclined to leave a comment, you will be entered in a random drawing for a $25.00 gift certificate to Papertrey Ink.  One entry per person please, and the drawing will close at 8:00 PM EST on Sunday January 29.

Don’t forget to hop on over to Doreen’s blog from some more inspiration and I hope you’ll come see me again soon.

Did You Ever “Finish” When You Weren’t Done? A Revision

After looking at my earlier birthday card for London’s mom, I realized there wasn’t enough  “London”!

I hope I fixed it through a “London” addition with her birthday hat riding on top of the double decker bus next to the birthday cake.

“London” is from the Once Upon a Princess cartridge and is cut at 5.4″ tall and is wearing the “outfit” cut.  I resized her hat (chick layer) to make it a little jauntier.

The double decker bus is still a key element but is no longer the “star.”  I am glad to have the Cricut Craft Room in my box of tools though – it would not have been as “London-y” using a school bus.  Here is a picture that compares the “straight out the cartridge” Nate’s ABCs cut to welded bus.

London Calling – A Cricut Craft Room Birthday Card

This is a birthday card for London’s mom.

When I went to make this card, I could only locate Big Ben (featured on the left from the Destinations cartridge) in my collection.  But the iconic image of London, that red double decker bus, was not available.

As a result, I experimented with the school bus on Nate’s ABCs – and managed to turn the school bus into a double decker bus through welding some basic shapes in the Cricut Craft Room (and some from Nate’s ABCs).  The steps at the rear of the bus and the pole were hand cut and the hub caps are a Crop-A-Dile punch just to make life a little easier.  However, all the rest of the bus was cut courtesy of my E2, Nate’s ABCs, and the Cricut Craft Room.

Once I finished with the bus, I decided to add some background silhouette scenery and once again used Cricut Craft Room to build St Paul and Admiral Nelson’s Column from Trafalgar Square from the same cartridges as the bus.

The birthday cake is from Birthday Bash (minus a cat) and the pennants all came from a digital cartridge – Party Picks and Pennants.

The pennant, with a PTI sentiment, topping the cake is flying from a cocktail straw attached to the back of the cake.   I inserted a corsage pin inside the straw in order to provide a little glitz at the top of the pennant.

It’s a substantial card – good thing I don’t have to mail it.