A (Masters) Golf Cupcake

This is a birthday card for my darling dad; he loves golf, plaid, and us.

I couldn’t decide between a cake or golf theme, so I combined the two into one.  The cupcake comes from Everyday Pop Up Cards, and the “caddy” aka milk man is from Pop Up Neighborhood.

I left off the squiggle of frosting and instead added Flower Soft for “sand traps.”  The caddy is based on what caddies wear during the Masters (worked best with the milk man cut).  I hand trimmed his hat into a ball cap and added stripes to his shoes.  He doesn’t come this way SOC (straight out of the cartridge) but with some scissors, a Uniball  Signo white Pen, and multiple cuts (black, green, and flesh toned) he comes to life.

For more of the details, click on the picture below:

Two Winning Entries

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As the adventure continues, here are two entries for which I was fortunate enough to be recognized.

The first, Skyline Drive, is from the Cricut Circle pennant contest this summer.  I particularly liked this challenge because you were limited by size (fit to page) and by my desire to use supplies and cartridges that I had on hand.  I really liked the end result.

The second is from an earlier Provo Craft/HSN launch of the Yudu Card Shop.  This challenge involved the use of Anna Griffin papers and Wall Decor.  The Eiffel Tower was the Cricut – and all of the papers, tag, and floral embellishment were vintage Anna as I had lugged them around for years and could never part with them even though I had decided that scrapbooking was not for me.

Yes, Nadia, there is a blog

Here it is – – my first post ( with the encouragement of friends and family).

And by means of introduction, here is one of my latest projects – Saint Francis in the Garden.

This is my third, and probably final, Saint Francis.  Most of the cuts originated with my Cricut.  Some were modified by hand, a few were cut by hand, and nearly all were colored or enhanced in some manner.  The book “frame” is from the wooden crafts section at the local AC Moore.  The outer cover,  inside background, “pages” and the prayer were decoupaged.

The rose bush behind St Francis was created using Mother’s Day Bouquet and a branch from Picturesque.  If all goes well , maybe someday there will be a tutorial posted here.

This is a gift for some dear friends who recently professed as Secular Franciscans.  I found the message that is decoupaged on the front at the lay organization’s site.

Okay – I did it.  I will be back eventually to put more of my work up and try to share a few lessons learned along the way.