Ocean Breeze – A Graphic 45 Mini Album

I made a little Graphic 45 “Down by the Sea” mini album to capture a week-long vacation at the beach.

The structure of my book is Kathy Orta’s hidden hinge system.  It may take a while to watch the video and understand, but believe me, you can do it!  Here is the link to Kathy’s tutorial.  There are other tutorials available for making the cover.

And here is the 5″x7″ mini album I made.  It has a clear acrylic cover and chipboard back.  I primarily used Graphic 45’s Down by the Sea Collection.

Ocean Breeze Mini Album

It has a two-inch spine and I added a Tim Holtz hanger brad to the spine before adhering the hidden hinge framework.  Here is a close up of the front – the same little Cricut houses are used on the front and the inside front of the clear cover.   The middle house is adhered on a layer of chipboard for some added dimension.  I added a banner title and a little paper eyelet from a Martha Stewart border punch.  My new Cricut Explore cut a lot of this project – I am still getting used to the clunky software, but the machine is awesome!

Ocean Breeze Front Cover

The challenging thing about using acrylic sheets is determining what should go behind it and aligning it correctly.  In this mini album,  the next under page has a banner in the same place with the second line of the song.

Front and Pg 1

Here is all of the first page:

Pg 1

All together, I used three different page types.  The page above is made by cutting the paper 6.75″ wide by 10″ long and scoring (along the long edge) at 0.5″ and at 4.75″.   Fold in the flap and adhere, making a tube.  You will want to burnish the top and bottom edge for a smooth page.  Leave one end open for inserting tags and use the other open end to attach to your hinge system.  You can also add a die cut or paper to make a pocket on top of your page.  Here is the back of page one:


And here is the little tag that tucks in behind the car die cut:


For the second type of page, I used strips cut from 12″ pocket page protectors and I added a paper “header” to attach to the hidden hinge system.   When cutting your pocket page, make sure you cut below the line that forms the “stop” for the row above it.  Once you get a pocket page in the trimmer, you will see what I mean.  I used a bone folder to accordion fold one row of 4″ square pockets for one page and a row of 3″ x 4″ pockets for a second page.

Here is how I added the header:  measure the height of your row/strip of pockets.  Mine measured 4.25″ tall.  I cut a strip of paper 1″ wide by 9″ long.  Along the long end, score at 0.5″ and 4.75″.  Add ScorPal tape on the outside edge of your page pocket row along the side with the plastic header and holes for putting in a larger album with rings.


Check your row of pockets to ensure that pockets are facing up. then tuck in the .05″ flap, and wrap your header band around the pocket row lining.   Your pocket row should be attached to one side of your header band.  After that, adhere it to your hidden hinge binding.  Add a little pull tab to the side of your accordion folded pockets, and you are ready to fill your pockets.


The last type of page is a flap page.  With a 12″ piece of paper, cut a 4.75″ width of paper (so the design will run horizontal) by 10″.  Score at 6.5″ and fold the flap.  Cut another piece of paper that measures 4.75″ wide by 6.5″ and adhere on 3 sides leaving one end open for a flap. Adhere that paper underneath your flap.  You can mix and match patterns to your heart’s content.

9 thoughts on “Ocean Breeze – A Graphic 45 Mini Album

  1. This is simply perfect and oh so charming!! I love every little bit from the houses, to the Woody, to the Gold Thickers. Just wish I got to travel along!! 😉

    Enjoy your trip!!

  2. Love the tag that tucks in behind the car….so clever. Your paper choices are always perfect. You can mix patterns like no one I know and get amazing results every time. This album is the sweetest thing going.

  3. OH Sis!! This looks like a boutique gift! I adore this and love that you included Kathy Orta’s tutorial for the hinge system. So clever and beautiful… and really… you had me at “weeklong vacation.” Haha! Seriously, when I was a kiddo, my whole extended family would drive to North Carolina and rent a beach house. Two and three-week-vacations with my grandparents, mom, sister, aunts, uncle, and cousin and so much fun. Your project took me down memory lane for a bit on that! This project is a ‘must-do’ for me! Thank you for this project post!

  4. The outside of your book is gorgeous. Im not sure I could ever create a book, but I sure enjoyed looking at yours. Absolutely beautiful!
    Di & Co.

  5. Holy Balooo!!!!! When I grow up, I wanna be able to make projects like you make!! Maybe if I break it down & only think about the step I’m actually on, I might maybe possibly hopefully someday be able to make something that you might recognize as being similar to your AMAZING project : P

  6. Had to come by and re-read your post. I just finished watching Kathy’s videos on the hinge and cover. And only now do I understand that you covered both sides of your acrylic with die cuts. I am so wishing I could see this project in person. I actually trekked to the store and got board for the covers and spine and finally found the tape, but none in the 1/4″. Don’t these vendors know I need the 1/4″!! Anyway, just wanted to tell you again how much I love this!!

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