Summer is Nearly Here – Silhouette Cameo Jam Labels

The berries and plums in my area are ripening and the weather has been beautiful.  Yesterday, I headed out and came home loaded with all sorts of wonderful treasures:  strawberries, plums, raspberries, blackberries, and sour cherries.

And with the help of my best friend, set out to make jam.

First up, strawberries and today, sour cherries.  Of course, we have already had to sample the strawberry, and it is sunshine in a jar.

Here are the strawberries, hulled and washed:

And here is the handy tool my friend made:

We had a wonderful time – and with a friend in the kitchen – it goes very fast.

And this is our product for friends and family:

Can I just say – when I bought my Silhouette Cameo, that I had no idea that it could make the labels above.  Who knew you could manipulate cut files to turn off the interior cuts, add color, layer, then print and cut a perfect jam jar label?  I am completely and totally impressed.  Disclaimer:  I used my ink jet printer so when these labels get damp, they will run.  I intend to use my circle punch and a Sharpie pen to make a top of the jar label that will resist running.

Oh, and the tool, there is a special prize available to the first person who guesses its purpose and leaves it in a comment.

12 thoughts on “Summer is Nearly Here – Silhouette Cameo Jam Labels

  1. Is there anything you can’t do? Wow! I am impressed! And I agree that the Cameo is some kind of magic. Sounds like a good and productive day in the kitchen. Really impressive results! I bet that jam is magic. No clue on the tool, but I’ll be standing by to get schooled. 😉

  2. Does the fork tell you when the jelly is done?

    You have even stumped my mother who knows everything!! She thinks it’s to pick up pectin?

    I need a label tutorial!!;)

  3. OK- you people are making it hard to resist the Cameo. Your labels look professional with homespun quality perfect for canned goodies!

    I wonder if you can make a shadow cut from something like clear contact paper to go over the label to protect it?

    I have no idea what the tool is used for… and I used to love watching the Liar’s Club on TV! (Remember that show from the 70s?) So… in my best Liar’s Club bluff: it is a tool to place the hot, sterilized lids and rings on the jars.

  4. I would love to make jam and the labels are fabulous. Homemade tools are the best. Hmmmm 2 prongs…do you pit the cherries with it? I don’t know…I leave it up to Smuckers. Great job.

  5. Those fruits sure look yummy. The best part of summer is all the fresh, delicious fruit. My guess is that a fork was bent in just the right way to pull out the stems of the fruit.

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