Cricut Recipe Page – Say Hello to Julia

Bonjour – it’s Julia Child today with her Boeuf Bourguignon in a 6×6 recipe page.

Julia is from a large number of cartridges including Cricut Craft Room (face and body), Every Day Paper Dolls (hair and blouse), Disney Dreams Come True (eyes and mouth), and Country Life (arms).  Her casserole is “Straight from the Kitchen”, the Eiffel Tower is from Every Day Pop Up, and the interior window frame is from French Manor.  The drapes were a welding exercise using Cricut Craft Room (a “j”, a rectangle, and a square.   Without Cricut Craft Room and the ability to weld shapes together, this page would not have been possible.

The picture below shows some of the elements before assembly.

Once all of the pieces were cut, tested, adjusted, cut, tested, colored and shaded, and assembled, it was a pretty fast project.  Although making Boeuf  Bourguignon will take less time than this….

Bon Appetit!

8 thoughts on “Cricut Recipe Page – Say Hello to Julia

  1. OMGosh!!!!!! No, you didn’t make a Julia Child!!!! And I love her perfectly patterned Parisian kitchen!!! Those drapes are fabulous and I love her pearly necklace! Perfectly whets my appetite to paper craft!!

  2. Your latest creation is just awesome! I love the Eiffel Tower backdrop in the window. Julia with her very pretty pearl necklace, great detail work. Thanks for sharing how you constructed Julia. the You are very talented!

  3. Oh my gosh! This is so adorable! I absolutely love the patterned background wallpaper and curtains. That window with the Eiffel tower is genius….and Julia is fabulous. Her pearl necklace and buttons are perfect….and I love Miss Julia’s eyes and hair. So darn excited about this page. It’s magic!

  4. I can’t believe I never commented on this when you posted it! I KNOW I saw it before!! Truly fabulous, but where are you hiding the recipe??? LOL

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