Cricut Circle Challenge – A Welcome Card for the New Provo Craft CEO, Ashish Arora

I have completed my submission for the latest Cricut Circle Challenge.  Circle members were challenged to produce a card (that could fit in an 8.5 x 11 envelope) to welcome the new Provo Craft CEO to the Circle.  With a requirement for 5 Cricut cuts and 3 Cuttlebug embossing folders, entrants were encouraged to tell Ashish what we like best about the Circle.  For me  – there are 3 key elements:  techniques (Cindy Royal’s boxes, oh my), inspiration (Michele Kovack’s Copics and Inking, perfection defined), and enthusiasm (Shantaie Fowler’s “glitter without guilt” and vintage and fun attitude).

When I found myself thinking of the Circle, I found myself thinking of the Cheers theme song – making the way in the world today takes everything you got.  The front of the card illustrates that.

The central figure on the front of the card is from Paper Dolls Teen Scene.  I trimmed some of his hair (on the right side) in order to get that windswept look.  The umbrella is from the April Showers cartridge and was detached, folded, and reattached upside down in order to look as if the wind blew it inside out.  The clouds are from April Showers and are embossed.  So the subtotal heading to the interior of the card is five Cricut cuts (six if you count the glasses I made in the Cricut Craft Room) and one Cuttlebug embossing folder.

Inside, we have enthusiasm (although she isn’t labeled as Shantaie, I think you can see it), in the form of a pig-tailed cheerleader, two trees from April Showers (embossed), a “Sophisticated” door with a Circle logo, and pennants from Party Picks and Pennants.  Total count:  6 Cricut cuts (plus an additional 9 pennants) and one Cuttlebug embossing folder.

Next up, the Provo Craft CEO himself (from Cheerleading (thanks, Curt Jensen for standing in)).  His glasses were made via the Cricut Craft Room and the supporting cheerleaders (Techniques and Inspiration) are also from Cheerleading.  That’s Cindy on the left and Michele on the right. The “Circle” is from Cricut Every Day.   4 more Cricut cuts.  The welcome mat was printed and then trimmed and embossed.

This is an interactive card.  The pennant bunting holds the card open and then the recipient pulls (gently) on the ribbon to elevate Ashish, Cindy, and Michele.  I used a lot of Papertrey Ink cardstock to make this card sturdy and capable of meeting the challenge.

I say this at the end of almost every project, but I think this is one of my favorites!

If you’d like to make a pop-up slider card yourself, I found some great directions here at Scrappy Sticky Inky Mess.

14 thoughts on “Cricut Circle Challenge – A Welcome Card for the New Provo Craft CEO, Ashish Arora

  1. This card just makes me smile!! I adore those cheerleaders and I can totally see Shantaie striking that pose. Another fantastic job! Good luck. I hope you win!!

  2. I had to come over here after looking at your card for a second time over on the message board. It is just incredible with the details and energy! I love the slider with the innovation and fun of that! Thank you for the link!! I would love to try that sometime!! I love the way you illustrated your favorite part of the Circle– so clever and inventive!

    What I always love about your projects is the way you tell a story and your talent in putting all the elements together to be cohesive. It is always a joy to see what you have created!!!

  3. OMG….I want to change my identity for a day and be the CEO of PC when this card comes in so I can steal it and take it home. The story you tell with these cuts is just amazing. Totally love that you used Cheers for inspiration. You know I watched every episode and then the reruns for years. Your front character is so cool…you nailed the windblown look. And all your paper cheerleaders are so cute and perfect for who they portray. Totally love the pop up CEO with the glittery circle and that cool shirt. My son would totally wear that shirt with its fun colors and pattern. Glad you made a cool CEO versus a stuffy CEO.

    I know I say this at the end of every one of your projects too, but I this is one of my favorites. LOL….who do I sound like? If you don’t win, I’m going to demand a recount. Ah-dorable!

  4. WOW!!!!! this is amazing!!! I simply popped in to say hello, and what do I find????? this stunning card!

    I was blown away {pun intended} by the card front, the umbrella and song lyrics {a real stroke of genius if you ask me!} are fantastic, I am drooling at your cleverness…then you show the inside of the card and it features ME as a cheerleader…OMG I am so honored, this made me laugh, you know the kind of giggle that makes everyone in the room start laughing even though they have no idea what is so funny!!! I LOVE the idea of being the cheerleader I will shake my pompoms all over the Circle! LOL

    and if that was not enough ……you made me fall out of my chair with the amazing slide outs…and there are Cindy and Michele, and our CEO with that glittered circle icon…and well I started to tear up a little because…….. is means SO SO MUCH to me that you love being a Circle member and that you have a place where everybody knows your name,,,,,for me to be even a small part of that touches me heart and soul! {and now I’m crying} I’m pretty darn excited to even be mentioned in your post, but to play a starring role in your contest entry is nothing less than {sniff sniff} heart glittering goodness! Thank you!

    Your card is stunning, YOU are such a great artrist, I’m so glad that your share your talents and unique vision with the world. THANK YOU for always being MY cheerleader, you are always kind and upbeat..I love that about you!

    I wish you the best of luck with your entry, Its hard to imagine anything topping this story!!!

  5. Wow! What an amazing, well thought out, well executed card! I totally love my girlish figure. You totally rocked this challenge and I wish you the best of luck with your entry! And thanks for getting me to Utah to meet Ashish, even if it is a paper version of me!

    Thanks for your continued kindness and support. It means a lot!

  6. I absolutely ADORE your card!!! (Even if it didn’t feature me as a cute, skinny, cheerleader!) LOL! You have so many fun elements to this card! I too am honored that you feel this way about us and the Circle. It truly means the world to me! You are such a sweetheart! Thank you for your kind words and upbeat personality! Good luck with your entry! I will keep all body parts crossed for you! ; )

  7. What an awesome card!!! I’m so glad I have you for a sister and a Circle sister to boot lol. Seriously you’ve set a new benchmark for cards here. Love all the carefully thought out details and how you weave a story.

  8. What an absolutely amazing card. I love the story and the amazing details! Wow!!!! I wish you the best of luck for your entry. I too love the Circle and feel that you represented everyone to a tee! I am a new follower. Have a great day!
    Michelle aka GardenGypsy on the CC MB

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