Did You Ever “Finish” When You Weren’t Done? A Revision

After looking at my earlier birthday card for London’s mom, I realized there wasn’t enough  “London”!

I hope I fixed it through a “London” addition with her birthday hat riding on top of the double decker bus next to the birthday cake.

“London” is from the Once Upon a Princess cartridge and is cut at 5.4″ tall and is wearing the “outfit” cut.  I resized her hat (chick layer) to make it a little jauntier.

The double decker bus is still a key element but is no longer the “star.”  I am glad to have the Cricut Craft Room in my box of tools though – it would not have been as “London-y” using a school bus.  Here is a picture that compares the “straight out the cartridge” Nate’s ABCs cut to welded bus.

4 thoughts on “Did You Ever “Finish” When You Weren’t Done? A Revision

  1. I thought it was perfect before but it is even better. (What is more perfect than perfect?) So cute! I love how you colored her face. Her pink elements are so much fun with the pink of the banners!

    So, I read that you are a perfectionist for sure! 🙂

  2. I do love the addition of this little cutie. I didn’t look like it needed anything before, but now I can’t imagine this card without her. The shading on her face is phenomenal. There is a copics skin class at a local scrapbook store I’ve been thinking about. Hate to find another thing to spend my husband’s money on though. 😉 Fabulous update!

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