A Cup of Christmas Cheer

The latest in the series of cherry bouquets.  This one uses Cricut Flower Shoppe, Winter Frolic, Winter Woodland, and When It’s Cold Outside cartridges.

To make this home decor project, I used 3 inch floral pins with a crystal bead top from the floral section at my local craft store as the “stem” for flowers and snowflakes.  And I used my Expression with the cartridges below.  In case you feel inspired to try one for yourself, here are the cut sizes and cartridges

Winter Frolic

  • Gingerbread man cut at 4″ with shadow.  The “royal frosting” is highlighted with glossy accents

Winter Woodland

  • 5 snowflakes (layers) cut at 1.75″ and highlighted with glossy accents (red and white polka dots)

When it is Cold Outside:

  • 6 snowflakes with corresponding layer cut at 1.9″ (white with red and white polka dot corresponding layer)

Flower Shoppe:

  • For the red, 7 “spiky” spiral cuts – 2 at 3″, 2 at 2.5″, and 3 at 2″
  • For the white, 8 “heart” spiral cuts at 2.5″

Using 3″ floral pins meant that the styrofoam needed to be near the lip of the cup.  I made an impression in the styrofoam by pressing the cup into the styrofoam, marking the impression with a pen, and then trimming away the excess with scissors.  The styrofoam snugged in about a quarter inch from the lip of the cup.   I put a lot of glue on top of the styrofoam and mounded the kraft paper shreds with the highest point in the center of the cup.

To assemble the snowflakes was super easy – stick the pin about 3/4 through the hole of the snowflake or straight through the center if there is not a hole, glue the underside of the bead, and finish inserting pin until the bead rests on top of the snowflake.  Let it dry for a while.  I used Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue for all of the steps of this project and it worked well.

The flowers are from lightweight card stock.  I have found the heavier papers are more challenging with the smaller flowers.  To assist you with making the flowers, I have put together a little tutorial.  If the photos are running, you can click through to the beginning.  And if they aren’t running, just click on the photo below to see each of the steps.

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3 thoughts on “A Cup of Christmas Cheer

  1. What a fabulous idea! I love that you used snowflakes in the bouquet too. I think I just found a centerpiece for Christmas Eve dinner!

    Lovely slideshow tutorial too!! Just perfect!

    I was wondering if you had returned home! Looks like you did unless you found a Cricut while traveling.


  2. This is so cute. And, I have to thank you for the tutorial. I thought I was doing these flowers ok, but yours look so much better with the glue on the edges. Love the idea to roll these around a pin. You are so clever. Now, my flowers will look less like someone smooshed ’em. You don’t do simple, do you? Love it, my dear. You have tons of ambition, and I get to sit back and reap the rewards. 😉

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