Tow Truck Birthday

A quick project for a friend – somehow I am the designated card maker for her office staff.

Using the tow truck from Nate’s ABC’s, the cake from Birthday Bash, and the sentiment from Birthday Bash, I styled a little card for her practical (engineer) boss.

My favorite part is that the “hook” was able to “lift” the cake via the “flame” from the candle.

I love the textures and the colors which evoke fall without a leaf or acorn (not that I don’t like them) but this is a birthday card….with a tow truck….and a cake.

7 thoughts on “Tow Truck Birthday

  1. I agree with ohhh Snap! I love the colors you used on this. And your old fashioned hook. My Dad used to have a garage business and this was he used back then. Now, everything has hydraulic lifts. I used to go with him on calls sometimes. He was called once to pick up a dead bull. That was a sad adventure. I miss my Dad and that old truck. Thanks for the memories. And had to laugh when I read practical (engineer). I am married to a engineer. He is practical and thorough. Drives me insane. 😉

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