A Halloween Dinner Party

Together at last, Natalie and Albert are prepared for the guests to arrive for dinner.

Here’s hoping you and yours are just as delighted with the approach of Thanksgiving, good food, and good company.

And as a special Halloween treat,

A short tutorial how to stand the figures on the bases:

1) Extend the wires past the end of the feet – about 2 or 3 inches when you first wire your figure.

2) Assemble layers of cut chipboard and cardstock to complete your figure.

3) Insert completed figure into styrofoam base – actually, I stick them in styrofoam while working sometimes as it is easier to do some assembly without them lying flat.

4) Trim wires so they do not protrude out the bottom of the styrofoam – but keep them as long as possible.  If they stick out the bottom, your base will wobble.  If you cut them too short, your figure will wobble in the base.

5) Remove figure, glue cardstock cut to fit on the top and sides of the styrofoam base.   Use Copics or another medium to blend the cut edge of the styrofoam with the design/color of your cardstock.

6) Insert into covered base.  You are done!  If you need a little extra stability. you can glue the base to a piece of wood.





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