Contest Winner!

It’s Nadia Herbst-McConnell of!

Submitted on 2011/10/27 at 6:13 am:

Cheers to a show-stopping project!! The figure is fantastic with that tureen of eyeballs! Love the dimensional face and hair! Oh! the way you altered the window’s and table’s woodwork for creepy grandeur is just perfect!!

I am in love with your style of positioning cuts on a base. Unless that is proprietary info, I would love to see what the underside of that base looks like with the wires!! So fascinating!

I love this finished quality your projects have due to the bases. It really looks remarkable!

I must go- Natalie…. (my guess is 15 cuts)

Congratulations, Nadia!  Your comments and encouragement have helped to “mark the trail” for me along the “vignette path.”

Thanks to Kimberli for organizing the blog hop, and many  thanks again to all who participated, left comments, and followed.  You all rock!


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