Cricut Circle Monthly Challenge – Halloween Home Decor

No bones about it – I love to craft and I love to decorate for Halloween.

Here is my latest that builds on what I learned making the ghost bug.

1) Wiring your chipboard before gluing adds strength and will let you bend (slightly) your cuts.

2) Always wire both arms – even if you think you are only using one in your project. I actually learned this lesson on this project.

3) Tape down your wire before gluing – leave “ends” to attach “legs” to “bases” and a “sign” to a “head.”

Here is what I mean:

Cut 4 base shapes from thin chipboard.  This is the skeleton from Happy Hauntings, cut at 11″.  I have used painter tape to hold the shaped wire in place before gluing.  The next step will be to glue one of the pieces of chipboard on top of the wired shape.  For these type of projects, I find that Beacon’s 3 in 1 Glue works well.

Add one more piece of thin chipboard to each side, and you will have a nice sturdy “skeleton” base to start your project.

I cut the skeleton bones from the same cartridge and shaded them with Copics E51 and E52.  I decided that he needed to do “something” besides standing on a pedestal, so I made a skeleton entree course using the Meow cartridge (fish border cut at 2″ ht).  I cut the fish bones apart and layered the 3 together with glue and slightly curled inwards.  I also cut the platter and added some garnish using the Mother’s Day Bouquet cartridge.  Here is the close up:

The skeleton cook attended cooking classes at the  “Ecole des 3 Gourmandes” so he sports the signature patch as well.

Next, he needed a sentiment and rather than the classic Bon Appetit, here it is:

And here he is – freestanding in the kitchen:

The base is a stryofoam circle that is covered in paper.  The wires extending from the feet worked perfectly to attach him to the base.  And the wire extending from his head worked great to attach the wired letters.

And this one is staying home!

Edited to add an additional picture in the daylight.

8 thoughts on “Cricut Circle Monthly Challenge – Halloween Home Decor

  1. What a great project and I’m so glad you are keeping this one, I was starting to feel positively selfish because I keep some lol. Wonderful tutorial, I feel inspired to wire :D. BTW did you see the Make It Monday how to make Washi tape video?

  2. I love your new butler and cook….and he looks like he’d be cheap to keep around and not eat you out of house and home….lol…how fun!

  3. What a magical project! I love the construction details and how clever the use of the Ecole des Trois Gourmandes button– Julia would approve!!

    I have never wired a cut before– how perfect a way to get movement and dimension from the cut! Thank you for including the construction photo! I really want to try this!! Incredibly helpful technique post!!! Love that this is free-standing.

    My favorite part of the whole fantastic project is that the fish is resting on a bed of greens. So funny and perfect! This must be how you unwind after travel. That in itself is impressive– I am usually a bowl of jello as my body gets over jet lag.

  4. This is incredibly fun and creative! I love the idea of wiring cuts for movement and to make more independent 3-D designs. Thank you so much for the tutorial. I will be trying this.

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