Wedding Shadowbox

I’ve been working on a wedding shower shadowbox this weekend, and realized an anniversary was approaching quickly for my friend Karen.

Karen loves lizards – in fact – she even had one or two on her bridal veil (pink, I think – faux, I am sure).  The couple are holding a heart from their wedding “fiesta” invite which preceded their wedding several states away.

The Cricut Imagine Cuts are from Best Friends – his figure originally had pig tails which were trimmed, and he got a more masculine figure through the use of a purchased “soccer shirt.”  Overall, I still like it.  Almost a year later.  An accomplishment.

I should be wrapping up with the latest shadowbox soon.  It is a whole new palette to me – blue.   And I hope to get the rose bush tutorial done soon as well.

In the meantime – here are Karen and Antonio from October 2010.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Shadowbox

  1. Well, thank goodness it was a faux lizard on the veil!!

    I love how you made the figure masculine!! I have such a hard time figuring out how to alter those Imagine figures– I always give up. You have opened my eyes to possibility.

    Very sweet project! Sure to be much loved!

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